First Impressions / by Maia Kaufman

Two articles have greatly aligned my thinking today: this & this.

I thought about the research interviews I had (I have yet to physically review the tapes or my notes, which is why this is "first impressions") and felt a more interesting thread around women coming together and sharing information.

Many women, some I knew and some I didn't, had no problem talking frankly about these issues, but there was still a lot of misinformation being thrown around. Most women don't have in depth conversations with their doctors about contraception or sexual health- they have them with their friends and sisters and mothers.  It kind of reminded me of old knitting circles.  

I started thinking that maybe there's something here- a way to infuse correct, expert information into these kinds of personal conversations. Or the reverse- make the doctor's office (or Planned Parenthood, or maybe even some third party organization) a warm, welcoming, fun place to hang out and get vital and correct information about these issues.

My mom suggested I start by reading "Our Bodies, Ourselves." Apparently when this came out, it was a way for women to get information about their bodies that they weren't getting anywhere else. I've heard of the book, but was unfamiliar with the implications or impact.

So that's where I am right now. Still huge and broad and vague, but in a slightly better place than I was about a week ago.