Keeps Changing / by Maia Kaufman

After I narrowed down my ideas earlier this week, I started to feel stuck again. I think I may have tried to focus in too quickly, without thinking about the long term goals.

I met with Rachel Abrams today, who amazingly has done a lot of research in really similar fields as I have- new fertility technologies and reproductive issues (social, technological and emotional). I have kind of a whole new direction, by which I mean none at all, but in the best possible way.

I'm taking a step back and keeping all doors open. I'm going to think about all the different areas I'm interested in- not just reproductive rights or ob/gyn offices. I want to see if climate change has a place in here as well.  Every topic I have thought about recently has left in the back of my head a nagging thought- 'none of this will matter if the world doesn't exist for the next generation.' 

I feel like before we can think about procreating, we need to get it right here and now. It may be about education, health care, child/day care, etc. I'm trying to look at the whole picture (yay systems thinking!), and envisage the world I want to see in a year from now, and then think backwards as to how we're going to get there, and what my part of that will be.