Reproductive Anxiety / by Maia Kaufman

In last week's session I had a breakthrough. When going over my nuggets with Allison, I wasn't feeling confident. She even said it felt like I was forcing something. I went back to my group and shared some of them. I off-handedly told them about my first idea- the one I keep coming back to and is the reason I am in DSI at all- and they all jumped on it.

This was the original nugget:

I want to invent a pregnancy/ovulation/testicular cancer test that would check your status daily & automatically.  Most people are not aware that pregnancy tests also indicate testicular cancer in men. This is a product for both genders that would relieve anxiety, allow someone to know their health status earlier than they otherwise would, and for women, possibly help prevent unwanted pregnancies all together....

In summary: I want to create an intervention that relieves some of the anxiety around both planned and unplanned pregnancies and may serve as an early warning for testicular cancer patients.

There are a lot of questions and issues around this, but the support from my cohort has given me the confidence not to abandon it.

I spent a lot of this week thinking about the logistics, and that I need to step back a little and find out if this is even feasible. I am going to tailor my research for now around this issue which I am calling "reproductive anxiety."

This includes the stress around getting pregnant and not wanting to get pregnant, around getting and taking birth control, and getting and taking pregnancy tests. I am going to interview men and women about their experiences and find the 'pain points' and 'leverage points.' It may be that my original idea would only create more anxiety, or physically isn't possible. If I do the research around this whole issue though, I am confident I will find other areas where there could be an intervention.