Thesis Nuggets #3, 4, & 5 / by Maia Kaufman

Article: Block That Sperm

Possible thesis topic: Male birth control

The community would be heterosexual men ages 18-40 of various socio-economic backgrounds, races, and relationship statuses. The research would be around what barriers there are to men embracing this technology, and what possible leverage points there are to this idea becoming more mainstream.

Possible Intervention: Start campaign to inform men about current and future options for male birth control and what the benefits are to themselves and women.

Article: Pregnant Worker's Rights

Possible Thesis Topic: Pregnant women in the workplace

This is one of the issues that I believe can narrow the gap around reproductive rights issues. Women need to be aware of their rights as workers- around maternity leave, lactation rooms, and light accommodations, and be able to exercise those rights without repercussions from their employers. Research would revolve around past and present litigation around this issue, as well as talking to current pregnant employees.

Possible Intervention: A third party, non-legal representative to facilitate the dialogue between pregnant workers and their employers.

(This one's a little out of left field)
Inspiration: I was on 5 flights in the last week, and started to pay a lot of attention to the in-flight videos.

Possible thesis topic: Airplane safety information

The research around this would involve learning about the origins of the safety procedures, as well as applicable data from airplane incidents. I would imagine the community might be hard to access- airline management- but flight attendants and frequent fliers might be a good place to start.

Possible inventions: Airline safety stations in airports, shorter videos, better graphics.