Video Reflections / by Maia Kaufman

I was really overwhelmed by the positive response I got from my video. I feel like I'm heading down the right path, both for me and my audience. I absolutely agree that I need to work a little on my central argument. It doesn't need to be a "this or that" structure, and I should look at it more as a way to sway those on the fence towards seeing this as a positive change, rather than a defensive act. 

I received great suggestions from my class about both the video content/voice and about the product itself. The idea of having lectures and workshops at the store was not something I had thought about previously, but would be very helpful in 'changing the conversation' which is my main goal. 

It has been a great experience to sort of 'try-on' different ideas throughout the semester and see what felt right and what didn't. This is definitely starting to feel right, and I am confident that I can make the video in a way that it will be less defensive, more informative about the idea, and a way to grab those who may not have been interested in the topic initially.