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The v Store

This gave me a better feeling for trying to advocate for myself.

The V Store

In Spring of 2016, The V Store (named after a year of referring to my project lovingly as "the vagina store") opened in Soho for 3 days. The experiment was to combine sexual and reproductive health products in a new way to make them more accessible and less taboo. We wanted to see what happened when we made a sex shop that took into account the whole of sexuality- from first periods through menopause.

We partnered with local vendors, sex educators, medical professionals, and retailers, in order to create a safe, unbiased, and sex-positive approach. 

The result was 4 workshops around health and sexuality, over 120 customers, and a demand for more stores like this!

I went to the shop with my mom and it was great hearing her interactions with everyone in the space, she’s so proud to be a woman! I’m not sure I would have seen that side of her had I not visited the shop with her.

The more times you enter a store like yours, the more educated you will become of your own health and alternative healthcare.