Maia Kaufman

Design Projects


Green Map

Design Research Project for helping a non-profit become financially sustainable.


The V Store

MFA Thesis Project to come up with a solution for helping people get better info about reproductive and sexual health.


Roberts' Belt

Group show with solution to "fix" the world's social problems. Mine was an attempt to correct the Supreme Court's decision to do away with buffer zones around abortion clinics.


Green Map

Tasked with the goal of creating financial stability in a struggling non-profit, the solution became less about adding in income-generating ideas and more about taking what Green Map already was doing right and turning them into money-making ventures.

The answer was a roadmap for the next 3 years that prioritized low-cost and low-tech solutions, and slowly added more complex solutions that required investment once initial goals were met.





personal brand

Starting with the founder Wendy Brawer's, personal brand (capitalizing on the work she was already doing in consulting and lectures) was the first step. Working on a personal website and linking the principles back to Green Map, she was able to think of her work as part of Green Map, as opposed to a separate endeavor, and start valuing and leveraging what she already had.




The biggest asset to solving the task was understanding Green Map's audience. By interviewing key stakeholders, as well as people who were not yet GM's audience, but who were identified as the target audience, a plan came into form for how to categorize and then pinpoint offerings and price plans for different groups of users.


Before Open.jpg

The v Store

This gave me a better feeling for trying to advocate for myself.

The V Store

In Spring of 2016, The V Store (named after a year of referring to my project lovingly as "the vagina store") opened in Soho for 3 days. The experiment was to combine sexual and reproductive health products in a new way to make them more accessible and less taboo. We wanted to see what happened when we made a sex shop that took into account the whole of sexuality- from first periods through menopause.

We partnered with local vendors, sex educators, medical professionals, and retailers, in order to create a safe, unbiased, and sex-positive approach. 

The result was 4 workshops around health and sexuality, over 120 customers, and a demand for more stores like this!

I went to the shop with my mom and it was great hearing her interactions with everyone in the space, she’s so proud to be a woman! I’m not sure I would have seen that side of her had I not visited the shop with her.

The more times you enter a store like yours, the more educated you will become of your own health and alternative healthcare.


Roberts belt

Roberts Belt

This was an installation piece, made for the exhibit Fix! for SVA's Design for Social Innovation MFA program. We were asked to imagine and invent a tool to fix a social problem.

In June 2014, the supreme court case McCullen v. Coakley struck down the 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics. The belt is named for Chief Justice John Roberts who wrote the opinion (in a 9-0 decision). With this in mind, I came up with the concept of a wearable buffer zone.